i think i’m a banana tree…

My short break from blogging turned into a long break!

Trying to figure out what I wanted this blog to be was entirely too stressful for me.  Who says this needs to be a peppy how-to guide or a something that shows only the functional side of my life or that there always has to be a happy ending or moral to the story?  Oh, no one said that?  It was just me putting all that pressure on myself to be some imaginary version of me?  Hmm.  Well, yeah.  That sounds about right 🙂

Now that I’ve stopped stressing about making this into some wonderful blog I can go back to having fun with it.

In addition to taking a break from blogging, I have also been taking a break from exercising and eating right.  Judging from how tight my pants are fitting, it’s probably best that I get back into working out, like now.  Speaking of healthy habits, I have a cake and frosting recipe that I must share with you 😛  Trust me, it’s worth it.  Look for it this weekend.

We have one more month of summer vacation.  I can’t decide if I want to be excited about another month of no school or if I’m itching for everything and everyone to get back to normal.  Or at least some form of normalcy!  Maybe I’ll leave that decision for another day.  Today I’m going to finish the laundry (don’t be jealous), make my new favorite dinner (zucchini pasta boats, it’s ok to be jealous about this one!) and meet my new counselor (because I’m going slightly mad).  Maybe I’ll sneak in a vanilla soft serve with cherry dip from Dairy Queen on my way home tonight 🙂

Have a good night and see you again soon!