chicken and potato ranch bake

Anyone who has been over to our house for dinner knows that I like to experiment when I cook.  Sometimes my creations, as Joe likes to call them, are a hit and other times they flop. I’d say 50% of the time the reason for the flop is that I am a tad heavy handed with spices, specifically chili powder. What can I say? I like my food to have some kick! The other 50% is usually poor planning. Fly by the seat of my pants cooking is my style and sadly it just doesn’t always work out.  My latest creation however, was a hit!  At least for me 🙂  And no, I didn’t use too much chili powder!  A jalapeno and his seedy friends were Joe’s issues this time 😀

I’m going to share my latest creation even though there are some improvements that need to be made. The good thing about this recipe is that it lends itself so well to customizing.  So if half a jalapeno with the seeds is going to be too much for you, it’s easy enough to leave out the seeds, or even skip the jalapeno all together.  Who knows, maybe you can use this to come up with something even better!

I’m calling it my Chicken, Potato and Ranch Bake!

inspired by Oven-Roasted Sausages, Potatoes and Peppers from lilasapron – this recipe is a big hit at our house… we had it the other night!

3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

5 small red potatoes

1 small red onion

1/2 large jalapeno

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix

2-3 tsp. of Bacon Salt

salt and pepper to taste

1.  Pre-heat oven to 400 and coat your oven dish with non-stick spray.  Cut potatoes into bite size chunks.  Slice up onions. Finely chop jalapeno (want some heat?  add the seeds to the mix, otherwise leave them out) Cut chicken breasts into 2 inch chunks.

2.  Combine potatoes, onions, jalapeno and chicken in your oven dish.  drizzle olive oil over the mixture and then add the seasonings.  Mix well so the seasoning gets on everything.

3.  Cook uncovered for approx. 30 minutes.  I usually end up going for 40 minutes just so the potatoes are done. 

4.  Enjoy!

**Know what this was missing?  Cauliflower!  I had intended to put it in the first time but forgot.  It worked nicely as a side, but I think it would have been delicious in the mix.

If you’re doing weight watchers, the p+ value is 7.  Serves 6.

Chicken and Potato Ranch Bake

looking good!

ready to eat!

ready to eat!