homemade facial oil

In an attempt to bring some pep to my skin – and save some money! I started making my own facial oil.  My skin is super sensitive and there’s not a whole lot that works on it.  For the past few years I’ve used either Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream or Yes to Carrots Rich Moisture Day Cream.  Both of them are lovely and have never given my skin problems.  They do however give my cheap husband a heart attack every time I buy them.  They’re not that expensive but I am all about cutting costs right now so when I noticed my Burt’s Bee’s was running low I started doing some research on making my own facial lotion.

Let me tell you, there’s a lot of information out there!  It’s kind of overwhelming.  For my first attempt I wanted to keep it simple, that way there’d be less of a chance for my new experiment to turn into an epic fail.  I stumbled upon this blog post from Crunchy Betty;  3 Ingredient Facial Oil Moisturizer.  Just what I was looking for!

Once again, I wanted to keep things simple so I have started out with a pretty basic recipe.  I used apricot kernel oil with vitamin E as my base oil and added a few drops (three, to be exact) of grapefruit essential oil.  I skipped step two, mainly because I wanted to try this out first and see if I liked it before I bought a whole bunch of oils.  I’ve been using it for a month now and am very pleased with it.  It’s not greasy at all and it sinks into my skin pretty quickly.   Price wise it’s pretty great.  I was able to get everything at Whole Foods and for 4 oz of the apricot kernel w/vit. E, .25 oz of grapefruit essential oil and a 1 oz dropper I spent $20.  I’ve used roughly .5 oz of my mixture so far (and I’m not stingy with it!)  When this bottle finishes up, sometime next month, I am going to add a second oil… I’m thinking tamanu oil?  Who knew oils could be so exciting?!

Next on my list of homemade goodness I am going to make my own laundry detergent.  Once I gather all my ingredients and try it out I’ll let you know how it goes!  I’ve also been tinkering around with homemade body lotion, so.much.fun!  More on that later 🙂  What homemade products do you use?  Have any recipes you want to share?  Post them below!