Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It’s been a crazy few weeks but things have finally settled down so I’m back!

Despite all the sicknesses my family was hit with this last month (hand foot and mouth disease, RSV, pneumonia, eczema flare ups with infections, sinus infections and bronchiolitis) the kids still loved their Christmas. We holed up inside our apartment, stayed in our jammies and ate ridiculous amounts of sinful breakfast foods like cinnamon rolls, hickory smoked bacon, maple sausages, fluffy pancakes. If it was yummy and intended for breakfast, we ate it! It was perfect.

Joe was worried that the boys would notice that their bundles under the tree weren’t overflowing or that they would be disappointed with a few toys instead of an entire toy store, but they didn’t notice. They didn’t care. They were over the moon happy with what they received. And thank goodness! Geez, could you imagine if they were disappointed?! And a week later they are still loving everything – I consider that a success!

So between sicknesses and general Christmas craziness I was still able to find time to do something I’ve been dying to do; make my own facial moisturizing oil! I love it! I’ll have a post on it this week. I also made a brown sugar scrub and I’m experimenting with an oatmeal lotion to help with Noah’s poor sensitive skin… those will be out in a new post this week too.

And because I never pass up an opportunity to show off my adorable boys, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks…