morning challenge

I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have proclaimed to my husband that the next morning,  no matter what, I was going to get  up early.  Early!  I was tired of waking up feeling like I was already behind my imaginary schedule.  If I could wake up before the kids were up I’d be able to give myself the quiet time I so desperately wanted and needed.  Instead of running around feeling like I was already late, I would be one step ahead.  It’s safe to say that I thought the mere act of waking up early would fix what was going wrong in my running of the household.

Each time I was on an early morning kick I’d enlist the support of my husband.  And each time,  Joe would roll his eyes was such a good sport.  Every morning when my ‘change my life’ alarm went off he’d remind me that waking up so early was my idea, not his, and that there was no reason to be cranky with him.  And that all I had to do, was to just.get.out.of.bed.  Pfft.  As if it’s ever that easy.

I think the longest one of these kicks lasted was about a week.  I had good intentions, I really did. What I didn’t have, was a good plan.  And that’s why I think, no I know, that this time it will be different.  You see, life once again, has gotten to the point where everything overwhelms me; between laundry for 3 children and 2 adults, dishes (oh lord, the dishes!), (lack of) meal planning, homework, doctor appointments, the 274 pieces of paper that Jacob gets sent home from school with, and everything else that falls under my responsibility, it just feels out of control.  I am once again running late; not for one thing specifically but for everything.  And I’ve known this for a while.  It’s actually a big part of why I started this blog.

So back to this plan.  While looking around on one of  my favorite sites for organization ideas, Simple Mom,  I stumbled upon a guest post by Kat Lee, creator of Inspired to Action (here’s the post that grabbed my attention 3 truths of personal growth).  So I went back to her site and looked around a bit.  And there it was,  Maximize Your Mornings Blog Series.  THIS is what I’ve been searching for, what I’ve desperately needed for such a long time.  It’s not just getting up early, it’s doing so with a purpose.  This is so exciting for me.

The renovations have started, people!  I’m working forward to an improved me.  I know it’s going to take some time and there will be plenty of mess along the way, but it’ll be worth it.  So worth it.

If you’d like to join in the fun and change your mornings too, click here (this will bring you to a free ebook, “Maximize Your Mornings”) I’m trying to get the nifty little button thing to work but am not as technologically savvy as I should be…  so in the meantime, the link will take you there 🙂

I want to add that this is only one piece of my plan. I know that in order for me to reach my goal of building myself into a better person, a better mom, it’s going to take more than just one change.  So while I am whole heartedly throwing myself into maximizing my mornings, I know (after plenty of trial and error) that I need a more holistic approach.  I’ve got a call into a few counselors and I’m also talking to my doctor about the possibility of being put back on medication to help with my anxiety.  You can’t just fix one aspect of your life and expect that to give you the change you’re looking for (well, maybe you can, but I can’t!) So that’s what I’m doing!