extrovert conversions available here…

I’m an introvert who occasionally gets the urge to become an extrovert.  Most of the time I’m able to overcome these urges and crawl back into my cave of introvertedness but every once in a while I do something foolish while these urges are upon me.  Something foolish like becoming involved in the PTO and volunteering to help organize a huge event.  Or agreeing to be on a committee at church and then volunteering to speak in front of the entire congregation.

Meeting new people.  Talking to new people.  Being on a committee.  Organizing events. These are a few of my least favorite things.

Why do I do these things if I hate doing them?  Well, I don’t really hate doing them.  I want to help out, I want to be involved and I desperately want to meet new people.  It’s just that these things are way out of my comfort zone.  So when these extrovert-conversion urges come over me I go big.  I get way in over my head, hoping that by immersing myself in these activities and surrounding myself with people who are natural people-people, maybe, just maybe it’ll rub off on me and I’ll be a bit more comfortable being involved.

Is it working?  Clearly I’ve not been converted yet; I nearly started sobbing while I was speaking at church (but I held it together!) and even though tomorrow night will be my third PTO meeting, I am already nervous just thinking about it.  But you know what?  I’ll take it!  Because it sure as hell beats sitting at home not meeting anyone new or making friends.  Maybe a full conversion isn’t in order.  Maybe just a half-conversion 🙂

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  1. Good thing you are beautiful. It goes a long way to curb your awkwardness.

    Your loving husband and fellow introvert,


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